Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Week

One week of marathon training done! Feels good to mark it off the schedule. Did my 6 mile long run with two others from the running group today. The woman I ran with is training for the Chicago Marathon in October, and the man is training for his first - the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis in December. I tried slowing it down to a 10:00 mile pace to keep with the others, and did so for about two miles, but I found that slowing down that much really threw off my running form. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a snot...we just kind of all separated, and I did the rest of the run around 9:30. I really am trying to make a conscious effort to slow down for my long runs as everyone is telling me that's what I need to do in training. Shorter runs fast - long runs slow. I also began to question whether or not I should be doing a different training program? Maybe HH Novice 2? I guess I felt like I should be doing more this week, but I need to remember it's a LONG road ahead.

Oh, and I love my new shoes.

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