Monday, July 9, 2012

And So It Begins...

Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 1
1Rest3 m run3 m run3 m runRest6Cross
2Rest3 m run3 m run3 m runRest7Cross
3Rest3 m run4 m run3 m runRest5Cross
4Rest3 m run4 m run3 m runRest9Cross
5Rest3 m run5 m run3 m runRest10Cross
6Rest3 m run5 m run3 m runRest7Cross
7Rest3 m run6 m run3 m runRest12Cross
8Rest3 m run6 m run3 m runRestRestHalf Marathon
9Rest3 m run7 m run4 m runRest10Cross
10Rest3 m run7 m run4 m runRest15Cross
11Rest4 m run8 m run4 m runRest16Cross
12Rest4 m run8 m run5 m runRest12Cross
13Rest4 m run9 m run5 m runRest18Cross
14Rest5 m run9 m run5 m runRest14Cross
15Rest5 m run10 m run5 m runRest20Cross
16Rest5 m run8 m run4 m runRest12Cross
17Rest4 m run6 m run3 m runRest8Cross
18Rest3 m run4 m run2 m runRestRestMarathon

Do I really know what I'm getting myself into? I sure hope so...guess we'll see.

Had my first run with the new running group on Saturday. I showed up and spotted a neighbor there, which was a relief. I guess I felt like I had to prove myself, so I said, "Yeah, sure, I'll jump in and do 10 at a 9-9:30 pace." Really? I hadn't done a  long run like that since training for my last half. I only had half a Clif bar and a couple sips of water to fuel me, the humidity and heat were already getting up there (even at 5:30 a.m.)...what was I thinking. But, I hung in there. Almost told them I decided to just do 8, and turn around after 4 miles (run same route back) as I had a couple moments of feeling nauseous, but I suppose my pride wouldn't let me. I think I'm really going to enjoy this group though. Many runners have done marathons, and I can learn so much from them. And as much as I love to run by myself, I really did enjoy the company. It did make the run go by faster, although I would much rather listen to people have a conversation while running, than talk myself...

So, I'm already thinking of altering the training just a tad. I think I'm going to run on Mondays, rest Tuesday, run W-TH, rest Friday, run Saturday, rest Sunday. Well, I won't "rest" on Sunday, but I doubt I'll find an activity to do that really qualifies as "cross-training". I'm always doing something active...can we call mowing the big yard "cross-training"? Playing with the girls in the pool? I'll continue to do my long runs on Saturdays, but when the girls go to school and start sports, I'll move them to Wednesday mornings so I don't miss much time with the family on weekends.

That's the plan. That's the schedule. At this point, I'm nervous, but focused. I hope I can stay that way the next 18 weeks.

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