Monday, September 19, 2011

Training Failure

Well, had my first training failure today. I was supposed to do 6 miles, but since it is raining outside, I had to run on my treadmill. "Dreadmill" as a friend calls it. I used to be so happy running on the treadmill, but now it drives me crazy. I'd take running outside any day - just sucks that I don't have any rain gear to wear. So, seeing how much I hate it, I only ran 3.5 miles. Sigh. It's all mental. Being inside on the treadmill, I start thinking of all the things I need to be doing and it's so easy to just stop and get on with the day. If I were outside, I would have taken some route three miles out so I had to run three miles back in - no excuses, 6 miles done. Now I'm disappointed in myself...must get over it because it is a big running week - 6 miles on Wednesday, then 12 miles on Fri. (or Sat.). Twelve miles!

Better start on all those things I got off the treadmill early for!

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