Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Run and Big Sale!

The steel-cut oats are cooking on the stove, it's currently 43 degrees out, and I'm going to try for another 10 miles after the girls go to school. I'm looking forward to it, actually. I could wait until tomorrow - I did 5 miles on Monday, another 5 on Wednesday, but I want to tackle the 10 today. I would love to have the same time, or faster, as my first 10, but I'm going to be crazy and throw in some hills so I fully expect my time to be slower. I'm hoping it warms up just a tad!!

And exciting news (for me) - looks like Asics is phasing out my model of running shoes! Everywhere I look, they are being clearanced out. Woohoo! I've never paid less than $75 for them (I know that's pretty cheap already for a pair of running shoes!), but I just found a pair for $49.98. Score!

*Update* Another 10 miles in the books! My time: 01:35:45 - that's with the added hills and a stop for water/chews at 5 miles, and more water at 7.5. Do runners stop Garmin when they stop for water/bathroom breaks? May seem like a silly question, but just wondering. I know your timing chip doesn't stop during a race. Have to say, this 10 miles felt GREAT...even with the hills! It has to be the cool weather.

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