Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 7

Oh boy, the mileage is getting up there!

Long run this week was 12 miles. Have not done that since training for the Carmel Half, back in April (?). I decided to do the run on Wednesday while Ray was at work, and the girls were at school. I brought along a Honey Stinger Gel, extra water, sunsceen...everything I thought I would need.

The route contained a good amount of hills the first 5.5 miles. After that, it was pretty flat, but I was out in the sun for a long, long time. That just wears me out. I drank more on that run than I ever have before. That's not a bad thing - I was actually proud of myself for doing so, and not worrying about how it would slow me down. I struggled towards that last 2 miles - I just wanted to be done. It worries me that I'm thinking that at 12 miles when I'll still have 14.2 miles left to go in the marathon - yikes!

On Saturday, I decided to run with the group again for 6 miles. I ended up having a really good time, and the miles flew by as I chatted with the others. Met an 11 year old girl training for her first half marathon. She paced me on the run. She paced me! She's a great kid and I was in awe. The mom said her daughter's goal is to finish the half in 1:49 - I have no doubt she'll do it.

So, I came home and talked my 9 year old into registering for her first 5k. It wasn't hard - she's been talking about doing one for a while now. I think she's nervous, but she'll do great. She's going to LOVE being a part of the race. She ran in a 1 mile run at my Carmel Half, came in 2nd, and still talks about it, so I know this will thrill her.

This week, I run into unchartered territory...15 miles. I've never run over 13.1. Eek.

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