Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 5

Look at all those miles crossed out...may not feel good running them at times, but sure feels good marking them off! Thirteen more weeks to go.

My first two runs this week were done on the treadmill - just had to - but good news...the girls have started school! That means when the bus takes off, so do I.

More good news...the weather is cooling off! That's even better than the girls going back to school! I ran 5 on Thursday when it was in the high 70's - felt great. This morning though was incredible...62 degrees. Could not have asked for a better morning to run 10. I didn't feel like running around this area, so I skipped out on running with the group again, and headed over to Crockett Park. I was one of only a few at 6a.m. I did pretty good at keeping my pace down - averaged 9:25min/mile. I stopped at mile 5 for a quick drink of water and some chews. I had in my head a route that would be fairly flat and avoid all the hills at the park - no such luck. I was way off. Hit about every single hill out there. Argh. Hills are a bitch in actual time, but as soon as I'm up and over them, I give myself some serious high fives. My legs were tired around mile 8, and the balls of my feet were feeling sore, but I made it and gleefully crossed off the 10 when I got home.

Major mistake today though. When I arrived at the park, it took me a few minutes to get all my gear together. I ran with my fuel belt with water bottle, big Garmin, and phone on my arm. I stuffed the chews and huge car keys into the tiny little pouch on the fuel belt and took off. I quickly realized I still had my prescription glasses on. Grrr. Instead of pulling out the keys and putting the glasses in the car, I just set my glasses up on the windshield by the wipers. Figured they would be perfectly safe. Of course, when I got back to the car after running, I stretched, drank my chocolate milk, took off all my gear, and left. Not until I was almost home did I remember my glasses. Crap. They were gone. Ray and I drove back over there later that morning searching for them, but not a trace of them. No broken glass, so mangled frame. Nice. Not sure how much a new pair are going to cost me, but seeing how we don't have the awesome vision plan with the last job, I'm sure it's going to be painful. Not needed. The glasses are needed...the expense, is not. Typing this blog is blurry. I'm not a fan of wearing glasses, but I'm a huge fan of seeing clearly. Mistakes happen.

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