Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's National Running Day! Get out and run! 6.33 miles today - odd number, but I ran it pretty fast and that was the number when I got home. Found my new shirt at Marshall's yesterday. First time ever I've been in that store. Of course I had to get a shirt that has RUN on it...and for such a great price!

Now it's time for a shower, then run on over to the local specialty running store to see what advice they can give me about this plantar fasciitis I'm developing. I'm such an idiot...I thought that was something you were born with. Well, I know we all have the plantar fascia, I just thought plantar fasciitis must be some sort of "defect", for lack of a better word. For over a week now, it's been painful to walk on my left foot right when I get out of bed. I don't have to hobble - on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), it's about a 5 in the morning. It doesn't last long, but I have enough friends with PF, I figured I better look it up and see if that's what is happening.

After reading about the causes, I'm thinking my PF symptoms are due to upping my mileage and/or my shoes. I feel just fine otherwise. No heel pain, no tight calves...just the sore foot in the morning. Maybe, hopefully, I'm catching it early enough and can take care of it. I will be devastated if it interferes with my upcoming training. Can't let that happen.

Here is a picture from WHOOHA Gear (a clothing company - I like their stuff):

Sums it up, huh? Don't think I have much to add!

**Went to the running store - Blue Mile - and had a very nice girl help me out. ("Girl"...she was probably in her early twenties. Do I call her girl? Young lady? Woman just sounds too old. I can handle woman - 'cause I'm getting up there.) Told her about the issue I'm having with what I think is PF. Since I bought my shoes in Feb (can't remember if  it was early or late Feb. I need to keep track of these things!), she said I could probably hold off buying new ones, but mine were getting to that point. She suggested Comf-Orthotic Sports Replacement Insoles, from Hapad, Inc. "A patented, deformable replacement insole for relief fo chronic heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis." Again, I don't have heel pain yet, but why wait until it gets to that point? The girl/lady/woman said to try these, and if they don't work, get new shoes. Fingers crossed!

I also bought some Nuun. Lemon-lime. Going to see how I like it. Picked up a couple Gu's, but couldn't do it. I want to try them for convenience sake - finding a place to store all my Honey Stinger chews is tricky (and chewing while running isn't all that easy) - but...ugh...the whole texture thing.

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