Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dude - I Chick'd You


That has to be my new favorite running slang. As in, "You totally chick'd that guy at that finish line!" Girl power, right? Read one female runner claim she finds it offensive. If I heard a couple guys ahead of me say, "Dude...speed it up - we're about to get chick'd", I think I would be flattered. Yea...that's right - this middle-aged mom-of-two is about to take you over, so speed it up! I'm actually going to make a game out of it my next race - see how many guys I can "chick". Probably not that many...I'm assuming most of the men at the Air Force Half are going to be in great shape. Just a guess. But, it'll be fun to try. I'll have a mental chick'd list to keep track.

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