Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Now?

Well, something is wrong and I'm pretty pissed and sad about it.

Last week, I bought new Super Feet Inserts. The blue ones...exactly like I had before for almost a year. Exactly. But not exactly because now when I run, my right leg kills me. Looking at a picture of muscles in the leg, I guess it's the peroneus longus that hurts so bad...or is it the tibialis anterior? Oh, hell if I know - it hurts and it wasn't doing this before! Those inserts aren't cheap, which is why I'm so mad. But also because I feel like an idiot - really...how hard is it to put in an insert? I'm going to put my old insert back in and I guess go visit the local specialty store tomorrow. I had to stop twice in my 4.5 mile run today - even walk 1/4 of a mile because it hurt so bad (felt really tight). Grrr. The only thing to do is find a solution and hope that I didn't do any damage.

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