Saturday, October 8, 2011

T-Minus 7 Days

...but who's counting, right? Me! This time next Saturday, I'm hoping things will have gone smoothly getting everyone up and dressed, I've eaten my steel-cut oats and cup of coffee, my light layer of mascara went on w/o a mess (hey...I am not a natural beauty, and if someone is going to be at the finish line with a camera in my face, then dammit, I want to look halfway decent - as one possibly can after running for more than 2 hours. Don't judge.), and we're pulling into a spot in the parking lot that is just a couple blocks from the start. And the butterflies in my tummy haven't turned into raging spastic butterflies that force me to make friends with a porta-potty.

Race Day Weather Report - sunny with a high of 64 degrees.

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