Friday, October 14, 2011

Expo Day!

It's race packet pick-up day! Boy, I feel giddy! And today's weather is crap, Sunday's weather is crap, but tomorrow's weather looks beautiful - sunny with a high of 66 degree/low of 49. Perfect. Only anxiety there is do I wear short sleeves or a long sleeve? I think I'll have my options laid out and decide in the morning.

Besides going to the expo to get my packet, I need to charge Garmin, charge the iPod, get all my chews and fuel belt together (leaving the water bottle off and just use the aid stations), study how to put that damn timing chip on my shoe (that is actually causing me some stress!), and gather all the snacks and drinks for Ray and the girls.

That may all be in vain though. Ray is sick. I'm praying he will recover enough today (which he has off) and the antibiotics will do their magic, that he can go tomorrow. If he doesn't go, the girls don't go. If they don't go, I will have no one there. That breaks my heart. I spent all day yesterday crying about it and just doing my best to convince myself I can still do it. I don't think it would bother me so much at the start, but crossing the finish line after all this hard work, and after all that it means to me, and having no one there I love to share in the's painful to think about. So, I have to stay positive.

I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. Squeal!

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