Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Will Be First Place

My husband has taken up racing, and has two first place medals that he likes to wave in front of me to prove he is a champion. If the medals were for running, I'd be jealous...and a little frustrated...but, luckily, it's for go-cart racing. Serious go-cart racing. They dress as if they were in a Nascar race and speed around a track at warp speed, and he has won twice.

I want to win. Yes, I see just finishing as winning - I honestly do. It will be a HUGE accomplishment to cross that finish line, and I will be on such a high from doing so. But I want to win. So, I decided I'm going to make my own category and WIN! I'm sure I won't be the fastest in my age group, so I can't go with just age as my category. It'll have to be something like this:

Winner in the Category of: 38 years old on the verge of turning 39
                                           Has two daughters & celebrate 10 years of marriage
                                           Has been running seriously for 10 months
                                           Wears a knee sleeve on her right knee
                                           Uses the Pink Lemonade Honey Stinger Chews
I will own this category....

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