Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful For A New Decade

Might as well put it out there...I am 40 now. *gulp*

Oh, I don't see it as something to be upset about - I have great visions for my forties. This is going to be an exciting decade (although, I am a bit nervous that in less than four years, I will have a teenager in the house...), however it isn't starting out like I had hoped for. Seems I have a quadricep strain, which has stopped my running momentum dead in it's tracks. And I need my running.

I can't blame the strain on my marathon, although I think that made it worse. I do remember my left quad starting to feel strange (not hurting, yet an aggravating feeling) about a week or two before the marathon. I'm so ignorant about running injuries - I just assumed it was another minor ache and pain from all the training. Maybe even a symptom of "taper madness". The quad would start off bothering me for about a quarter of a mile, then I guess the muscles warmed up and I didn't have any problems. Same thing in the marathon. Didn't even bother me during the race. After the race...oh, yea. But, my legs basically hurt all over, so again, I didn't think it was a "running injury". If I had, I would have done everything to start treating the strain - RICE. When we got home from FL, a day after the race, it hurt so bad, both legs, to stand up, walk, going up and down the stairs killed...ugh. I knew I needed to rest and not run for at least a week. I tried slowly walking outside after a couple days - it hurt, but I figured I needed to do it.

After a week of rest, my right leg feels completely normal, and honestly, my left doesn't hurt too much to go up and down the stairs or walk around anymore. However, I tried going for a slow run on Monday, and wow - couldn't do it. Left quad hurt. I didn't push it, and it really made me sad. I haven't gone to a doctor for an official diagnosis, but I did my research online and I'm sure that is what's wrong. I went out yesterday and bought a compression sleeve for my thigh. Wore it around for a couple hours yesterday, and it felt good, but I know it's still too soon to run. All the articles I read about quad strains, say NOT to run until you have no pain in your quad. It could take up to 6 weeks. Oh, I hope not!! I so badly wanted to run the Turkey Trot today with the family, and I can't help but worry that my racing plans for next Spring are in jeopardy.

The worst part is not having my outlet - my free therapy. A friend passed away Monday night from breast cancer. It was a gorgeous day Tuesday, and all I wanted to do was get outside and run, and have that outlet to clear my head, reflect on my blessings. It was a hard day. I just need to be patient and know that resting is the only thing that is going to heal the strain.

It is Thanksgiving today, and even though I remind myself every day to be thankful for what is in my life, it's a day to put it out there. I'm so thankful for what running has brought to my life - therefore, I will find the patience and the discipline to let the injury heal. I'm thankful for a new decade to love my family and friends, and live life to the fullest.

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