Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Blog Name?

I did it. I just registered for a full marathon. Pensacola Marathon, Nov. 11, 2012.

Charlotte just asked if I am nervous. Yes. She then told me I would have to practice. Yes, yes I will.

I am healthy. I am capable. My goal will be to finish, and to have fun. I honestly don't care what my time will be, but I would like to keep it under 5 hours...just because I don't want to be out there any longer than that. But I don't even know what kind of pace I will have to keep, and need to remain open to whatever happens.

My parents grew up in Pensacola. I was born in Pensacola, although my parents didn't technically live there at the time. Dad was over in Vietnam, and Mom drove down to Pensacola to have me and stay with her parents. I made it back to Pensacola to finish college, and lived there off and on after school. It's as much of a hometown as I'll ever have. It's going to mean a lot to me to run my first marathon there, and have a medal that says "Pensacola".

Also, this event takes place 10 days before I turn 40. A great way to end a great decade, and look forward to a new one.

Deep breath...I can do this.

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