Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Training Plans

"Wow. What's up with the crazy new blog look?" you ask. I needed something to do while the HVAC man was repairing our AC for the second time. I think the new look reflects how I was

So, I finished Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon. He made me feel like it's totally doable, but I'm not sure I got all the answers I was looking for, or learned much of anything new. Not to sound like I know everything! I just did so much research on long distance running when getting ready for my first half marathon. I do think the most important thing I learned though, is to respect the distance. At this point, I have no idea what it is like to run over 13.1 miles, and it is scary territory.

There was a chapter on "the runner's diet", but I'm still confused on nutrition during the race. I suppose I'll find out what works best for me on my long training runs, but do marathoners eat during the race (talking about mid-packers here...not the elite. Or maybe I should be talking about the back of the pack - who am I to think I'm included with mid-packers??)? Do they just subside off of chews/gels, or are they choking down bagels or energy bars in the latter half of the run? Honestly, I can't imagine either, but I know I'll have to have something more than chews to keep going.

Also, finding your pace for the run is still a question. Higdon says in the book that a good way to estimate how long it will take you to finish a marathon, is to take the time you finished your half x 2, plus 10 minutes. Well, I finished my last half in 1:57 x 2, plus 10 minutes...that's just a little over 4 hours. According to a pace calculator, that's running at a 9:18 pace - I don't want to doubt myself, but ha! Honestly, finishing in a certain amount of time shouldn't even be a concern of mine as a first-time marathoner. But it's nice to have a goal to shoot for (other than FINISH!, which is my main objective). I'm going to shoot for under 5 hours, hoping I can do it in 4:30. However, as I've said before, I'm going to be open to whatever happens. The first 12 miles of this race are all a climb - I have no idea how I'll be able to handle that. Hopefully, I can hang on strong and look forward to the last 14 being a decline.

I'm looking at following Higdon's marathon program for "Novice 1" - an 18 week training program, with the longest run being 20 miles in week 15. He suggests running a half in week 8 - I'm already signed up for the Air Force Half Sept. 15, which falls on week 10. I'm sure I can rearrange some mileage there. Also on my calendar, is the Wounded Warrior Project 8k Nov. 3, which is week 17 of training. Higdon's program calls for an 8 mile run - again, I'll fiddle with the weekly mileage and make it work. I think it's going to work out just fine.

So training officially begins July 8 - we'll be in TN by then. Girls will be out of school, but the husband's new job will supposedly allow him to be home every night, and I'll just have to run then. I'm trying now to boost my weekly mileage to stay in shape and be ready for the training. I'm working to keep my mileage to 20+/week. I've been doing good, but once the girls get out of school, and since the husband is already at his new job in TN, it's going to be hard to keep it up. I'll have to do the treadmill, and it's a battle to go for long runs on that thing.

I'm very motivated to stick with this though, and see it through to the end!


  1. Nutrition: I use Honey Stingers and/or Gu. I take one every 45 minutes or so. I don't eat like real food on the run unless someone hands me an orange wedge or a strawberry or something like that on the course.

    You'll practice on your long runs.

    I'm pretty sure that I followed Hal for my second marathon. I just don't remember which one. I think that I had two twenty milers, but I can't recall.

    My fall marathon is like December 2 or something like that. So I'll be training as well.

  2. I wonder if you did his "Intermediate 1" program - that has two 20milers. That's some crazy mileage!

    I know I can handle Honey Stingers since I used them for both my half's. Just curious if they'll be able to carry me over, or if I'll be able to stomach them for that long. I may try a Honey Stinger Waffle on one of the long runs and see if that helps. I'm a runner that does better with a full stomach.

    Thanks for the info!