Friday, January 6, 2012

Faux Spring

This sneaky, crazy weather pattern is playing tricks on me! Today, we are having a beautiful sunny day with a high of 55 degrees. Perfect! I mean...I want to go outside and wash the car, plant some flowers, take a nap on the back porch - heavenly. But I realize it's a fluke. This weather ain't gonna last but for a couple more days. Until the Arctic blast of cold air comes our way and shows me what winter in Indiana is really like. Boo.

Until then, which is Thursday, I'm so excited about running in such perfect conditions. Of course, I went out before the warm-up started this morning - still around 40 degrees, but sunny, and knowing the day would be beautiful got me fired up. I drove out to the neighborhood with a bunch of steep hills. I haven't run those kinds of hills in so long, my knees are not happy. I ran a flat three miles before I attacked the hills, and basically went up and down them fives times and ended up with 6 miles. I was pooped. I'm going to try to get those hills in once a week. It's not a far drive...there really is no excuse not to go.

This is going to sound silly...but one of the things that gets me up the hills is when a car passes me, I like to imagine the driver mumbling to themselves, "Omg, she's running up that hill? She's crazy." Because I used to be like that - "Omg, she's running in this weather?" "Omg, didn't I see her like 45 minutes ago?" "Omg, how can she run up that?!" I love being the one out there now, and not just the observer.

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