Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The "Good Form"

Found this yesterday and thought it was interesting:


Here is a great video going over the info:


I think I have good form - I feel pretty good about how I run. However, when I go out this morning for a run, I'm going to try some of these points or see if I already do them.

Grey and 33 degrees for my run. Perfect.

So I think I have more of the common running form, than the good running form. It does feel better to have a tall body alignment. I do think I bend from the center as opposed to leaning forward. Honestly, I'm not sure about my cadence....I was too cold to count!

But what a fabulous run it was this morning! Only did 4.54, but I did it in 00:42:09, and seeing how I almost turned right back around to go inside after the cold wind made my cheeks numb - I'm proud of that! It was one of those runs where I kept fighting battles with myself about how far would I run? Will I throw in some hills? Do I really need to be out doing this right now? But I finally got in my happy running place, threw in every hill I could find, and didn't really care about how far I went. I finished feeling so...powerful.

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